Thanks to improved medical care, more seniors are living well into their 80s and 90s. Many are capable of maintaining their independence at home with some outside help and assistance. That’s what we do.

We help seniors stay in their own home and enjoy an independent life. At home, surrounded by familiar things, seniors experience less stress and live happier, healthier, longer lives.

Our Mission … Our caring and capable non-medical home care services for seniors help our clients live a safe and independent life in their own home. We provide peace of mind – at no extra charge!

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About us


To provide high-quality non-medical services to seniors in state of Pennsylvania serving Pittsburgh (allegheny county). seniors living alone who are at great risk for falls, medication errors and mental stress from loneliness and isolation.

We Respect Your Privacy … We help seniors stay safe and happy in their own home – at affordable prices. All information about our clients and their families is kept strictly confidential.

We are Licensed, Insured to protect our clients and caregivers. Our rates are reasonable and affordably priced at only $18 per hour. Our rates reflect high-quality caregiving. Shopping for the lowest price may be okay for groceries, but not the services of a trained caregiver. Remember … Hiring a “bargain” caregiver can be a risky decision that far outweighs the money you might save.

Our caregivers are active, who love helping others! Mature caregivers are more in touch with the needs and desires of seniors. They are patient and positive, with great people skills. In addition, they are dependable, honest and caring. For you, this translates into peace of mind, and the highest quality of service.

  • We can customize Our services to meet your needs contact us at 4122236851

SAFE LIVING HOME CARE LLC is a for profit Agency established under the laws of this state for the purpose of providing home care services (HCS) and licensed by the State of Pennsylvania and Ohio as a Home Care Agency/ registry. This agency/registry and its personnel adhere to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations related to the health and safety of the clients.


Our strategic vision is to create and sustain a leading high quality service that supports individuals to live as independently as possible in the comfort of their own homes. We personalize our services to meet your situation respectfully, efficiently, and compassionately, fostering independence, preserving dignity and improving quality of life.